You want to spend your holidays off the beaten track at one of the most beautiful bays of the mediterranean sea in Turkey? Therefore you are looking for an extraordinary and spacious holiday home?

Our Manor is a declaration of love to the bay of Gökova. Resting between lemon and pomegranate trees, it is just a fewminutes´ walk away from Akyaka´s marvellous sand beach. In 1982 the little ottoman style masterpiece by the well-known architect Nail Cakirhan won the Aga Khan- Award for extraordinary architecture. The mansion's heart is an impressive two-floors -tall wood panelled living hall with a traditional Persian octagonal floor plan.

We invite you to spend your precious spare time in your exclusive own mansion with oriental atmosphere. Enjoy your breakfast in the morning sun on the wonderful terrace or relax in front of the fireside, comfortably lying on pillows and having a glass of tea or mocca.

Experience the ambience of 'Arabian Nights' and enjoy your holidays in the way of the ottoman pashas.

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